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What is GeoRush?

An adrenaline fix in a few clicks.

GeoRush is a travel planner for skiers, windsurfers, snowboarders and kitesurfers who care about epic conditions. We produce time-specific weather ratings for nearly every ski resort and stretch of surf in the world. A finely-tuned programme crunches piles of vital data according to your chosen sport, from fresh powder to wind speed, snow depth to water temperature. So put that protractor down and bask in your godlike knowledge of nature!

How does it work?

Four steps to epic sports

In the search bar select your chosen pursuit from the dropdown menu.


Enter a preferred location. Skiers and snowboards should enter their dates too.


Explore the map and check out the best ski or surfing conditions in that area.


Check out 7-day forecasts, reviews and more for each destination.


GeoRush Rating

Our handy algorithm crunches wind, water and weather data to generate a simple rating of watersports awesomeness – so put the protractor down, you’re good to go!


Best Locations

We constantly monitor nearly a thousand handpicked global locations, gauging conditions and taking feedback from a clued-up community of windsurfers and kiters.


Reliable Weather

We use the same Global Forecast System as the world’s media and combine this with detailed local info to produce the best measure of the weather, ever.


Community Powered

Inspired by our love of watersports and guided by a growing, international pool of like-minded thrill seekers – there’s no better time to get on board!

The ‘Georush rating’

Kitesurfing and windsurfing rocks! But maximum enjoyment depends on a heap of variable weather conditions on any given day and at countless possible locations. Scouring weather forecasts and doing hard sums can kill the buzz, and take up quality surfing time. That’s why we invented the GeoRush Rating system.

Our fine-tuned algorithm computes all the crucial factors and boils them down into a single, simple rating out of ten:

  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Water Temperature
  • Air Temperature
  • Swell
  • Tides

So you can evaluate hundreds of kite and windsurf destinations at a glance, and marvel at your godlike knowledge of nature!

Screenshot of GeoRush Rating
Map Day

Accurate weather data

It’s impossible to predict the weather all the time. But we have a bloody good go at it any way.

By gathering data from trusted sources like the Global Forecast System, and combining it with detailed local information, we put together the most accurate picture of kiting and windsurfing boarding conditions on the web.
And you just thought we stuck a finger in the air!

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